Cloud Security and compliances

  • Security risk evaluation, mitigation, and management.
  • Govern and safeguard assets, users, business, and data.
  • Threats may be quickly identified and managed with security expert lab.

Data encryptION & PRIVACY

Confidentiality and Compliance

Data encryption guarantees our customer for giving the privacy of sensitive and confidential information. Confidentiality is an important consideration when it comes to data encryption and privacy in the cloud.  Companies can protect their data from unauthorized access by encrypting it, even if it is intercepted or accessed without permission.Regarding the privacy and protection of personal information, our company have their own legislation.

Customer and Business continuity

Building trust and upholding a positive reputation depend on protecting our customer data. Customers anticipate that their data will be treated securely, and cloud encryption shows a dedication to data protection. Our company consumer’s trust and loyalty can rise if consumers are given the reassurance that their information is secure through encryption technique.


Data sovereignty and Secure data sharing

Techmates technologies claims to maintain control over their customers’ data and ensure its security through encryption methods. By encrypting the data, it remains secure even when stored in multiple locations. The data is encrypted, meaning it’s encoded in a way that cannot be read without a decryption key.  The decryption key is given only to authorized parties, meaning that only they can access the information,

Identity and Access management (iam)

Data protection

Techmates technologies is dedicated to ensuring that our client data is securely managed by enforcing strict access restrictions and authentication mechanisms.

User productivity

IAM solutions, such as Single Sign-On , minimizes password , allowing users to easily and quickly access the cloud services they need throughout their workday, without having to repeatedly sign in.

cost reduction

Techmates technologies can identify and eliminate unneeded privileges, reducing the risk of overly privileged accounts. Our comapny has greater visibility into their cloud resources .

security auditing & monitoring

Security auditing and monitoring in the cloud are crucial processes for ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and resources. For the security and integrity of cloud environments to be maintained, major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud require security audits and monitoring and our company provide the best security of this. AWS products like Amazon GuardDuty, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS configuration provide through logging, configuration management, and threat detection capabilities. Logging, threat detection, and security analytics are provided via Azure’s Azure Monitor, Azure Security Centre, and Azure Sentinel.
Through robust auditing controls, Techmates technologies  can track and analyze events within the cloud environment, identifying security vulnerabilities, detecting anomalies, and ensuring compliance with security policies and regulations.

Effective compliance management strategies

Robust Policies and Procedures

Creating thorough policies and procedures that outline what the company expects in terms of compliance is a top focus for Techmates Technologies. Numerous issues are covered by these legislation, including data security and privacy, intellectual property rights, and ethical business practises.Techmates Technologies is aware of the value of compliance management in fostering trust, safeguarding client information, and upholding a stellar reputation in the sector.

Regular Monitoring and Auditing

At Techmates Technologies, we regularly evaluate and audit our compliance programmes to see how effective they are. Internal audits, risk analyses, and routine reviews of our procedures and controls are all part of this.  To guarantee that Techmates Technologies operates in line with relevant laws, regulations, and best practises, it is crucial to have strong policies and procedures in place and to routinely check compliance.


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